pubici iniziale | Mary Susan Wright

Posted on 6 July 2022

pubici iniziale photographic detail of peli pubici indicating agency and power of Mary Susan Wright nude muse by Allio

pubici iniziale | ©1992 Allio

pubici iniziale
  | peli pubici

detail: an element of a work of art elaborated for inspection or instruction
asymmetrical balance: an artwork with different halves but equal visual weight
photo essay: a group of photographs produced to explore a common theme

visual symbolism *
nudity: natural purity innocence
body hair: emergence of sexual power
pubic hair: woman owning the agency of her life

Mary Susan Wright
nude muse
eagles nest studio – Wise Virginia USA
monochrome | ©1992 Allio


occhiata | Maria Whitaker

Posted on 29 June 2022

occhiata an Allio chiaroscuro omaggio Venere senza braccia apodysophile Maria Whitaker nude muse gaze oculophilia consent

occhiata | ©2012 Allio

  | Venere senza braccia

visual symbolism *
nudity: natural purity innocence
eye contact/gaze: consent power knowledge
eye partialism: sexuoeroticism attraction solely to eyes

Maria Whitaker
nude muse
jb studio – Upstate South Carolina USA
monochrome omaggio | ©2012 Allio