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for immediate release - October 9, 2013
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Serenity Dalys Expresses
Creativity in Nude Dance

ATLANTA -- In a creative collaboration, professional visual artist Allio and nude figure model Serenity Dalys have produced a ten-image black-and-white photographic exhibition of Nude Dance. A series of quotations by the model are provided as narration with each presentation of photographic art in the Allio Art virtual gallery.


"Dancing is an expression of my creativeness," enhanced professional figure model Serenity Dalys said. "I get lost in the movement and get carried away with the rhythm. I become one with my body and let go of reality."

Nude Dance began as a series of spontaneous floor gesture poses presented by the nude art model during a studio session. The resulting photographic artworks convey the expressive signs of that sensuous horizontal dance through the highlights and shadows of vintage visual queues.

"Sensual dance is a beautiful form of art," the nude dance model explained. " The nude human body is a work of art, as well. Dancing in the nude and the sensualized movements associated with that performance artform are a beautiful thing. My mind just goes away when I am giving all of my energy into a sensuous dance performance. At the end I am out of breath. Dancing in the nude is a healthy thing to do. I encourage others to try it."

Nude Dance represents the second exhibition collaboration between artist Allio and figure model Serenity Dalys. Their first project, a professional photo essay entitled Simple Nudity, garnered international attention, exhibition, and acclaim.

Serenity Dalys has professional representation by Exceptional Faces. EFaces is a full-service marketing agency representing some of the most beautiful and talented models and actresses in the world.

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