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for immediate release - November 16, 2013
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Allio Exhibits Serenity Dalys in Gazing Away

ATLANTA -- Visual artist Allio has just released a new photo essay entitled Gazing Away. Professional nude model Serenity Dalys is the subject of this 10-image original color presentation.

Gazing Away

"Gazing Away could have easily been called Commanding Space, as that is exactly what Serenity Dalys did while posing nude for this photo essay," artist Allio said. "In a true artistic collaboration, I presented the concept based on my vision of lighting in the space. She entered that space and carried the project to a delightful conclusion."

Since meeting the photographic artist in 2011, Dalys has been featured in several outdoor and studio artworks by Allio. The enhanced figure model revels in body freedom and posing nude for art. She also enjoys the international attention received through her association with the artist and the exhibition of of various nude figure artworks and photo essays.

"I am happy and excited with the knowledge that others are gazing at my nude body because they get to see the sensual diversity that I bring to life," Serenity Dalys said. "The curves of my nude body are art. I am comfort displayed and confidence exposed."

Serenity Dalys has professional representation by Exceptional Faces. EFaces is a full-service marketing agency representing some of the most beautiful and talented models and actresses in the world.

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