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News Release
for immediate release - November 3, 2013
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Slakable Woman First
in Online Search Results

LAS VEGAS NV - A lone figure posed nude for art atop a remote Virginia waterfall 20 years ago. A black-and-white image from that day entitled Slakable sat atop the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results on October 15, 2013, ahead of 332-million and 74-million other links and images for the search terms "slakable naked woman." That targeted search yielded the top two web links, the top four web images, and eight of ten images on Google. The Bing/Yahoo searches marked the top three links. However, a recent photographic artwork entitled The Other Side featuring model Faith Eikos topped the image search. In fact, Allio artworks controlled all of the top 101 images for that Bing/Yahoo search.

special recognition artworks

Allio Art returned the leading results for "topfree portrait sketch" searches with Elan, a sketch of nude model Jesi Lenox, locking the top link of 141-million results on Bing/Yahoo, and the top two links out of 2-million results on Google. The top 35 links and 93 of the top 100 images on Bing/Yahoo were led by natural nude model Dii Raine in Fins.

"Of the millions and millions of searchable images, it is sometimes difficult to comprehend the accomplishment represented by placing any of my artworks at the top of a search. But each month, more and more top rankings are brought to my attention," the visual artist said. "I am honored to feature and promote talented art models to the world through my artworks in this virtual gallery space."

Timeless nude model Maria Whitaker continued to earn top rankings. On October 15, she was the number one image of 108-million for the Bing/Yahoo search of "someways nude model." On October 22, natural figure model Britt Lyn in Skylight earned the top link and top image positions out of 88-million for the "natural female figure art" search on Bing/Yahoo.

Many aspiring and professional models find it difficult to earn a top ranking even when they conduct a simple and restricted search using just their own name. A model/artist collaboration with Allio has proven to increase the possibility of discovery and exposure world-wide. A top ranking in a major search engine is a bonus.

Allio Art does not use outside search engine optimization (SEO) tools or services. All of the presentation and promotional work is an internal service of Allio Art. Search parameters and guidelines are a constantly changing variable on these dynamic search tools. A top ranked link or image on one date may not even register in a comparable search on another date. The commonality in top links may be seen in the fact that both the link and image had the promotional advantage of appearing in an Allio artwork.

DISCLAIMER: Allio Art is not affiliated with nor has it paid a promotional fee to these search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are trademarks of their various owners and their names are only used for identification purposes in reporting these results.

NOTE TO PUBLISHERS: This media information may be reproduced in whole or in part, provided it remains in context and accurately represents the information presented, and the source is accurately attributed. Misrepresentation, or any other unauthorized use is prohibited.

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