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for immediate release - June 9, 2014
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Allio Debuts Chiaroscuro Nudo Figure Study

ATLANTA -- Today, visual artist Allio debuts a new black-and-white figure study of nude art muse Serenity Dalys entitled Chiaroscuro Nudo. This ten-image exhibition of original photographic artworks presents the model as a nude figure posing in mid-morning existing highlights and shadows.

Chiaroscuro Nudo

"The exclusive use of an ultrawide-angle Nikkor lens for the compositions of this figure study was certainly a departure from my more frequent selection of mid-range to telephoto lenses," artist Allio said. "In a collaborative agreement, the model and I concluded that the optics exaggerated the bold binary contrasts of lighting, both in the room and on her enhanced figure, to create an exciting collection of visually stimulating artworks."

Since meeting the photographic artist in 2011, Dalys has been featured in several outdoor and studio artworks by Allio. The enhanced figure model revels in body freedom and posing nude for art. She also enjoys the international attention received through her association with the artist and the exhibition of of various female figure artworks and photo essays.

"Being the subject of something artistically beautiful is an amazing feeling," Serenity Dalys said of her work in Chiaroscuro Nudo. "You never feel like a true muse until you see your work collected into an artistic form."

Chiaroscuro Nudo is the fourth publicly released photographic essay collaboration between art muse Serenity Dalys and visual artist Allio. In addition to expressively posing for the photographic artworks, the model provided title suggestions and related quotations for each finished image.

Serenity Dalys has professional representation by Exceptional Faces. EFaces is a full-service marketing agency representing some of the most beautiful and talented models and actresses in the world.

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