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for immediate release - January 1, 2015
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Insieme All'aperto Visual Art Collection by Allio Features Faith Eikos
Together Outdoors

LAS VEGAS, NV -- The Allio Art online gallery is pleased to present Insieme All'aperto, a ten-image visual art essay by Allio featuring professional nude art model Faith Eikos. Insieme All'aperto is an Italian phrase that translates into English as "together outdoors" and characterizes the creative work of a live model engaging with an ungainly, twisted, cumbersome, wooden vine.

Scopata Insieme All'aperto Faith Eikos nude by Allio

"The collection of images Allio and I created featuring the intriguing and distinct wood piece is the first in which we included an object not portrayed as apart of my body. Since our past projects put heavy emphasis on the lines and shapes my physique portrays, adding a bulky object to the equation demanded a different mindset," the professional nude art model said. "I remember approaching this session with a curious disposition, and when I review the images I canít help but feel a youthful sensation, greatly contributed by the profound tan lines on my body. Granted, these tan lines are not a deliberate, physical addition I want for myself. They are a consequence of the American censorship standards, and visually they give me the impression Iím staring at a little girl playing outside instead of a woman whoís confident in her being. Ironically enough, the white tan lines in contrast to my tanned skin actually draw more attention to the tabooed areas. But to me, the shamelessly curious nature of my body and expressions compliment the marks on my skin, in an innocent way."

Insieme All'aperto is the second visual art collection presented by the collaborative work of artist Allio and Faith Eikos. The first collection consistend of a series of studio gesture poses. Additional internationally exhibited artworks have showcased the thematic and symbolic versitility of the creative duo.

"Faith creates the illusion that posing nude outdoors while expounding a complicated symbolic message is an easy task. That illusion is a reflection of her significant talent as a life model," artist Allio explained. "Faith has developed a proven coast-to-coast reputation as an excellent all'aperto subject. By embracing and exuding energy from the unique challenges of environmental settings she multiplies professional dimension to the visual language of the outdoor nude."

Symbolic references embedded within Insieme All'aperto are based upon the serpentine representation of the wooden vine. Beyond the obvious historical allusions of women with serpents are suggestions of cosmic and regenerative forces, pleasure, happiness, temptation, fertility, sexual unity, and natural creation.

Insieme All'aperto is now showing in the AllioArt virtual gallery:

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