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2011 September: Fotocepelak Foto Galerie - Czech Republic
outsnude is one of twelve Allio artworks selected by curator Ladislav Cepelak for feature exhibition.

desert nudes collection

2011 September 10: Graceful Nudes Gallery - Great Britain
"The gallery selection process is a meticulous one, we inspect and handpick every image based on our standards," explained David Roland, curator of Graceful Nudes Gallery. The goal of the gallery is to provide patrons with positive images of models who are comfortable being nude. Man(/Woman) never looks insignificant next to a mountain or a megalith, for man(/woman) can force those mountains to follow his/her wish. A megalith only proves the outstanding ability of the human mind," Roland said about the desert nudes collection. "Our appreciation of who we are, of our abilities, of our brains - what made us reign supreme over this planet, is what keeps the world going. If our minds are blind, then we can neither see beauty, or create anything of value."



Ariel Bat-Sheva first poses nude for Allio art in 2011.

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