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objectum sexuality: arousal from an inanimate objectjefferson 1085 studio - Monticello Florida USA

Becca Said - gesture model


This collection about choice is the second collaborative dialog with professional nude model Becca Said concerning the visual discourse relavent to "overcoming objectification" of the humxn form in Western Culture. Basic to our collaborative works, Becca and I agree that nudity is not inherently sexual, nevertheless this convention does not unconditionally exclude humxn sexuality as an artistic expression. The questions posed to the viewer by the symbolism of these images include, "What is the object of attraction in these images?" and "Who sets the guidelines for determining the object?"

Bodyfreedom represents personal agency, dignity, and autonomy. However, a recent study reported by Psychology Today revealed a relevant concept regarding the relationship between individual agency and exposed skin/nudity. Summarily, the study indicated a consistent trade-off, a choice, in the mind of the viewer. Alternately, the more skin revealed by the subject, the less personal autonomy or agency they retained. This quality was replaced through an assumption by the viewer of expanded experience by the exposed individual. This mental power exchange by the viewer was specifically applied to womxn.

"To exist as a woman automatically places me in a position to be objectified," Becca explained that this continuing condition is compounded in her professional activities as a artistic collaborator and nude model. "Objectification happens without my consent and outside my control," as would seem to be confirmed by the study cited above. Yet, objectification is not defined as a power exchange in the epistemology by Immanuel Kant. The German philosopher of Enlightenment described objectification as the viewer, in the act of seeing a body, turns the entire person into a physical object.

All of my visual artworks contain symbols - signs and signifiers. Engage these images, individually and collectively, as a viewer to discover where the prompts lead and the choices your mind favors. There are many tantalizing options while examining your choice.


  opzione Allio monochrome nude Becca Said veneris pubis womxn formidable owning body agency pubephilia astuta Allio monochrome nude Becca Said curvaphilia arousal from objects with a curve or circular shape intenta Allio monochrome nude Becca Said eveism exhibitionism where the womxn enjoys being seen nude oggetto Allio monochrome nude Becca Said objectumsexual sexually attracted to an inanimate object       scelta Allio monochrome nude Becca Said gluteus maximus anatomy that all find exciting pygophilia


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