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Afterglow Allio nude of Madonna Fresca


Intimate Nude BodyTour

ma 1011 studio | Las Vegas Nevada USA

Madonna Fresca
exceptional nude figure photomodel
first time posing nude for art


Afterglow | Intimate Nude BodyTour

2006 September: Saatchi Gallery- London
Afterglow is one of eight contemporary artworks by Allio - professional photographer and visual artist - on display at the renowned Saatchi Gallery, London Contemporary Art Gallery. For Allio, this was the first photographic art exhibition at the prestigious European gallery. "I was impressed by the high standard of work," Siobhan wrote in his invitation to exhibit. "The curators, collectors as well as thousands of visitors that we get everyday will have the opportunity to view your work."

2006 September: The 10,000 Page- International
Afterglow is selected as a part of the TenThousandPage, at the time, the world's largest collection of beautiful erotic photographs.

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