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avanzare by Allio orange wall confined space photo essay of life model Melanie Lemay nude Elegant Diva nude figure model Melanie Lemay poses skyclad on lava rocks for environmental nude art by Allio abituale diamora gesture nudes of life model Melanie Lemay black-and-white posing for Allio photographic artist


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diamora | nude figure study

Lava Rock Nudes | outdoor nude figure study

Orange Wall | how to decorate an orange wall


special recognition artwork

Linger | orange wall

2014 March 01: Photographer's Daily - Great Britain
Linger is published as a feature photograph on this date in Photographer's Daily, a photographic journal based in the United Kingdom.

Charms | orange wall

2013 November 09: google and bing and yahoo
Charms is the top link of over 149-million for google and 24-million for bing/yahoo using the search phrase "figure art nude charms."

Stunning Shoreline | Lava Rock Nudes

2010 February 09: Fotocepelak Foto Galerie - Czech Republic
Stunning Shoreline from the Lava Rock Nudes figure study is selected for exhibition at Fotocepelak Foto Galerie by curator Ladislav Cepelak, "Your photos are perfect, very good job."



Melanie Lemay first poses nude for art by Allio in 2009.

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