special recognition artwork
Willing Nude REpose Allio Masterpiece of Ria Fannin Willing Nude wet augmented figure photomodel

Willing Nude


wet nude in natural lighting
exotic sensual stimulating experience
Upper Crow Creek Falls - Lakemont Georgia USA

Ria Fannin
augmented figure photomodel


Willing Nude

2011 January: Fotocepelak Foto Galerie - Czech Republic
Willing Nude is selected for exhibition by curator Ladislav Cepelak.



artist comment: For a model experienced in the studio and other controlled sites, working on location in a wet environment for the first time elicits excitement accompanied by an assortment of unexpected distress. The exhilaration of working nude outdoors, or en plein-air is quickly replaced by the stark naked reality of the surroundings. Even for a professional nude model it is not always easy to grin and bare it. A chilly mountain stream is not a warm, comfortable studio. Outdoors everything is damp and slippery. Bark, leaves, dirt, and hair stick to bare wet skin. Just a slight breeze can feel frigid to a moist body, even in mid-summer, and moving water creates its own whirlwind. Then to further complicate matters, rushing water is loud. The incessant noise causes communication problems and there is no mute button or volume control. It may look like an exotic, sensual, and stimulating experience. But, just ask a nude Ria Fannin how difficult it is to effectively pose skyclad en plein-air. - Allio