special recognition artwork
rosanuda Allio topfree acrylic fingere artwork of life model Wendy Newton first time posing nude for art


topfree acrylic fingere artwork
eagles nest studio - Wise Virginia USA

Wendy Newton
nude life model
first time posing nude for art



2020 January 20: google
rosanuda is the google Number One image for visual art technique search phrase "topfree acrylic fingere artwork." The Top 14 images for the same search phrase on google were all by Allio. Fingere acrylic painting is an original digital art technique developed by Allio.

2003: Peacock Gallery - England
rosanuda is one of 14 artworks selected for solo exhibition at the Peacock Gallery. According to a Peacock Gallery statement, "Allio's women are truely erotic, beautifully sensual, and glorified under the gaze of his camera."


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