special recognition artwork
Purple Morning Allio bodyfreedom visual artwork of Vas Littlecrow art model reclining nude in natural light

Purple Morning

exotic graceful nude figure in studio setting
Upstate SC USA

Vanessa Littlecrow
professional art model


Purple Morning

2001 October 23: Renaissance 2001 - Tokyo
Purple Morning, a digitally modified image, is selected as Allio's artwork for Exhibition 1999 (e1999) on October 23-24, 1999, at Keio University of Tokyo, Japan. The event is held in conjunction with Renaissance 2001. Allio was invited to participate as a guest artist. e1999 presents a gallery of different kinds of physical - paintings, drawings, printings, sculptures - and digital art works. Participants are artists from all over the world. Renaissance 2001 is a project to create the world's biggest-ever art festival on the Internet for the year 2001, and then, subsequently, to move that festival into actual galleries, museums and exhibition spaces in every part of the world.


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