special recognition artwork
Secret Hideaway Allio bodyfreedom visual artwork of Vas Littlecrow art model reclining nude in natural light

Secret Hideaway

reclining nude figure in natural light
Linville NC USA

Vanessa Littlecrow
professional art model


Secret Hideaway

2002 June: Photography Unlimited - Japan
Secret Hideaway wins the "Best Pictures of the Month" title in the Artistic Nudes category for June 2002 at the Japanese web site Photography Unlimited. Beginning July 1, 2002, the picture will be displayed in the Winners gallery of the Photography Unlimited online digital photography website. The display time is one year, ending June 2003.

2000: Clean Sheets Gallery - USA
Secret Hideaway is one of 16 original photographic artworks selected for public exhibition. Founded in 1998, Clean Sheets is a premier venue for literary erotica. An impressive percentage of what they exhibit is selected for major print anthologies each year.


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