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luce naturale a full-length nude figure in natural light by Allio of Britt Lyn nude muse egocentris a voluptuous topfree portrait by Allio of natural photomodel Britt Lyn nude muse diventanda a nude art figure photograph by Allio of natural voluptuous figure photomodel Britt Lyn nude muse


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ritratta nuda | monochromatic topfree portraits

Persiane Chiuse | original figure art photography


special recognition artworks


2013 September 22: The #davefrost Daily - United Kingdom
SelfSame, an Allio artwork featuring voluptuous topfree model Britt Lyn nude muse, is published in The #davefrost Daily photographic journal.


2011 January: Fotocepelak Gallery - Czech Republic
erezione is one of twelve Allio artworks selected for curated, feature exhibition.



Britt Lyn first poses nude for Allio in 2003.

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