allio art

Barbie Wong

female figure model
nude muse

essenz Allio stylized studio artwork of female figure model Barbie Wong nude muse vita tra le rocce original Allio artwork of life model Barbie Wong reclining nude on Aztec Sandstone sole scopata Allio monochromatic photograph of art muse Barbie Wong reclining nude on Aztec Sandstone



visual art collection

vita del deserta | conquista all'aria aperta

libreria | monochromatic visual art study


special recognition artworks


2018: 13 Galleries - International
riposa of the vita del deserta photo study is presented as part of a curated group exhibition at 13 independent galleries.


2011 January: Fotocepelak Gallery - Czech Republic
Essenz is one of twelve Allio artworks selected for curated, feature exhibition.



Barbie Wong first poses nude for Allio art in 2005.

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