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Mary Hayes

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cospicua Allio black-and-white photograph of life model Mary Hayes nude natural bodyfree eveism Walking on Water Allio original artwork of natural life model Mary Hayes nude muse nudophile all Allio digital artwork of life model Mary Hayes nude natural bodyfree nudophile


special recognition artworks

Walking on Water

2017: 3 Galleries - International
Walking on Water is been presented as part of a group exhibition at three independent galleries.

2008 Mar 24: Newstin - United Kingdom
Walking on Water is published as a featured artwork on Newstin.

1999 Mar 29: New Images Exhibition - JMU Virginia USA
Walking on Water - Allio was one of only 20 artist selected for participation in the Ninth Annual New Images Exhibition: A Juried Photo Competition for the Mid-Atlantic States. The art show opened to the public March 29 through April 29, 1999, in the New Image Gallery at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The juror for this competition was Brooks Johnson, Curator of Photography at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia.


Mary Hayes first poses nude for Allio in 1993.

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