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Melissa Penn

fotomodella professionale figura
musa nuda

precious Allio nuda di Melissa Penn egocentris Allio nuda di Melissa Penn portale Allio nuda di Melissa Penn


collezione d'arte visiva

figura intima | intimate nude figures in black-and-white

ritratta intima | intimate portraits in black-and-white


speciale riconoscimento arte

Eleganza | ritratta intima

2013 September 04: Bing and Yahoo
Eleganza is the number one of over 533-million images for the Bing search terms "topfree portrait." Also, this artwork was the top image for the same keywords in the Yahoo search tool. Melissa Penn also had the second ranked image in both search engines for the same keywords.

2013 August 12: Google
Eleganza is the number one of over 9-million images for the Google search term "topfree portrait."

Precious | ritratta intima

2013 August 12: Bing and Yahoo
Precious is the number one image of over 298-million for the Bing search term "topfree portrait," and number one image for the same search term on Yahoo.


2008 March 24: Newstin - United Kingdom
Petrogenesis is featured as a Fine Art Nude photograph on Newstin.

2003 December: Nude Art Collection Gallery
Petrogenesis appears as a part of a group show at Nude Art Collection Gallery.

2003 July: OMP Showcase - USA
Petrogenesis has been selected for special recognition and inclusion in the One Model Place Glamour and Fine Art Showcase. On a daily basis, OMP selects a very limited number of high-quality images for Showcase recognition.



Melissa Penn prima posa nuda di fotografo d'arte Allio nel 2003.

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