special recognition artwork
tethys by Allio of Maria Whitaker as Titanides nude Greek goddess of fresh water


nude Greek goddess of fresh water
Upper Crow Creek Falls - Lakemont Georgia USA

Maria Whitaker
nude muse



2013 August 24: google - International
tethys appeared as the Number One image out of over 2-million for the google image search phrase "special recognition nude artwork."

2010/2011/2012: MM Member Lists Selections - International
tethys was selected for special recognition and inclusion in Model Mayhem member lists for 2010-2011 including: Beautiful Bold or Edgy, Get Wet!, Waterfalls, Inspiration, The Finest Water Nudes, Wow images, Truly Inspiring, Getting Wett, Waterfalls settings, Inspirational models, outstanding photography, Water, this is art, Amazing Outdoors, Images that would be good for a painting, Nature Nudes, Artistic Nudes, and Beautiful Nudes.

2010: The 10,000 Page - International
tethys was selected as a part of the TenThousandPage, at the time, the world's largest collection of beautiful erotic photographs.


More about Tethys by the Theoi Project


This intimate figure photograph was originally commissioned by the model's husband
and has been released by the couple for public exhibition and fine art competition.



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