special recognition artwork
Nymph by Allio of wet nude muse Maria Whitaker as nude nature goddess forest-water maiden in Water


"Every man needs two women,
a quiet home-maker, and a thrilling nymph."
- Iris Murdoch [1919-1999] -


outdoor photographic pictorial
of a wet nude timeless model
Upper Crow Creek Falls - Lakemont Georgia USA

Maria Whitaker
nude muse


Nymph | Water

2013 August 12: google
Nymph is the Number One image of over 64-million illustrations for the search phrase "timeless wet art model." On the same date in the google image search, Allio photographs of timeless nude muse Maria Whitaker holds the top four positions with artworks from the Water photographic pictorial. The number two image: Dream, number three image and number one link: Yearn, and number four image: Moist dominate the 64-million images referenced in the search.


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