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spontaneous spontaneo Allio implied topfree portrait of life model Michelle Marie nude muse



fun in the nude

debris blanc studio | Marietta Georgia USA

"It is fun to create without restrictions or boundaries. There is no right or wrong - its just about spontaneity unfolding in the moment!" - Michelle Marie - nude muse


spontaneo | Framed | fun in the nude

2011 January: Fotocepelak Foto Galerie - Czech Republic
spontaneo was one of twelve Allio artworks selected for feature exhibition in the Fotocepelak Foto Galerie by curator Ladislav Cepelak. The group showing began in January 2011.

2010 July: Poise Gallery
spontaneo appeared as the Poise Gallery Nude Glamour virtual image for the month of July 2010. Critical reviews included the following comments: "I absolutely love this. Using color was a great choice." "See that look on her face? Even when a part of her face is obscured, you could really see that she's beautiful and that she is excited or looking forward to something." and "Nude without really showing anything!" Over 15,000 gallery patrons viewed and reviewed this artwork over the course of the month.


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