allio art

emergente vergine Voluptus

experiencing nudity in nature
Mojave Desert - Redstones Nevada USA

Severina Panama - voluptuous figure photomodel and nude muse
first time posing nude for art

sovrana | Severina Panama experiencing nudity in nature emergente vergine Voluptus by artist Allio

The first time someone poses nude for art on location is a very special moment. For professional photomodel Severina Panama this debut evolved into artistic magic. The virgin in cuerpa emerged from the surrounding desert stone to become a curved and fascinating human sculpture.

"Posing nude for the first time was an unforgettable experience," Severina Panama observed. "The landscape was amazing with its breathtaking formations. Being a part of it seemed very natural. I look forward to future collaborations."

Voluptus was the mythical wise and beautiful daughter of Cupid and Psyche. Severina embodies Voluptus experiencing nudity in nature.

"From the very first frame - included in this exhibition - Severina was voluptuous and vibrant," Allio said. "This emerging virgin brought a poise, elegance, and eroticism to the setting that many experienced nude figure models dare to claim, but rarely fulfill to completion as Severina repeatedly delivered in the collaborative production of these original, sophisticated artworks."

Technically, all the original photographs were produced in color and subsequently converted into a sepia tone emphasizing the natural voluptuous figure photomodel in a dynamic environment.


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