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Fierce Sonia

artista e fotomodella
nuda musa

Flowerbed Allio nuda di Fierce Sonia malloppa Allio nuda di Fierce Sonia Bona Palone Allio nuda di Fierce Sonia


collezione d'arte visiva

Aperta Fuori | black-and-white open outdoors photography

A Day with Nude Sonia | bodyfreedom photojournalism | News

Flesh and Bone | studio study


speciale riconoscimento arte

Uplifted | Aperta Fuori

2013 August 24: Yahoo
Uplifted is the top ranked link for the Yahoo search terms "enhanced figure art model."

2010 February 09: Fotocepelak Foto Galerie - Czech Republic
Uplifted is selected for VIP guest exhibition by curator Ladislav Cepelak. read more...


2008/2009: MM Member Lists
Bodyfreedom was selected for special recognition and inclusion in over 40 Model Mayhem member lists.

Intimisme | A Day with Nude Sonia

2007 April 14: Mid Atlanta Art News - USA
The Model as the Star, describing the collaboration between Allio and Fierce Sonia on this art exhibition project, is published as a blog article.

2007 April 06: Record Audience
Exhibition Opens to Record Audience The second new art exhibition of 2007 by Allio brought nearly 10,000 viewers to the online gallery on opening day. The ten-image exhibition entitled A Day with Sonia and led by Intimisme is an unconventional twist on a photojournalistic look at one day of bodyfreedom with a professional figure model. read more...

2007 April 05: Fark - International
Intimisme becomes a featured part of Fark.

2003 December: TenThousandGirlsPage - International
Intimisme, lead artwork of A Day with Fierce Sonia collection, is selected as a part of The TenThousandGirlsPage group exhibition of the worlds largest collection of erotic photos.

Window with a View

2004 July: Photography Unlimited Best Picture - Japan
Window with a View won the Best Pictures of the Month honors in the Artistic Nudes category. Beginning 2004 August 01 the photograph will be displayed in the Winners gallery of the Photography Unlimited online digital photography website. The display time is one year, ending August 2005.

2003 December: Nude Art Collection
Window with a View is presented as a part of a group exhibition.

2003 November: OMP Showcase Image
Window with a View was selected for special recognition and inclusion in the One Model Place Glamour and Fine Art Showcase. On a daily basis, OMP webmasters select a very limited number of high-quality images for Showcase recognition. This topfree color portrait of Pikeville, Kentucky, artist/model Fierce Sonia was created in August 2003 and selected for the OMP Showcase in November 2003.


fotomodella portfolio

Fierce Sonia - DA



Fierce Sonia first poses nude for Allio in 2003.

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