special recognition artwork
SkinShine visual artwork by Allio of topfree nude muse Stacie Dm first time posing nude for art


Original BodyTour

visual symbolism
 nudity: natural purity innocence
 exposed breasts: innocence and happiness
 breasts thrust: courageous challenge

private space | Stone Mountain Georgia USA

topfree female figure
Stacie Dm - nude muse
first time posing nude for art


Skin Shine | Original BodyTour

2008 March 24: Newstin - United Kingdom
SkinShine is a featured artwork on Newstin beginning on this date.

2004 June: OMP Glamour and Fine Art Showcase - USA
SkinShine is selected for special recognition and inclusion in the One Model Place Glamour and Fine Art Showcase. On a daily basis, OMP selects a very limited number of high quality images for the Showcase recognition. SkinShine with Stacie Dm was produced in 2003 as one figure study element of the Original BodyTour collection.


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